When Anxiety and PTSD Come Along: The Road to Conceiving Our Baby

It was important for me to share this story because there are so many reasons why couples don’t conceive right away. I had read a ton about couples who couldn’t conceive because of infertility, but I had no one talking about how anxiety and PTSD can affect you BEFORE you even TRY to get pregnant. This is my story. I hope you know you’re not alone.

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The friend of my life: six months in, a lifetime to go

I'm finding that love, especially in the context of marriage, is much less about being safe and much more about being set free. Despite all the discomfort in our first months of marriage and seemingly endless anxieties and tremors (which Lee has journeyed through like a champ), it's this exact lesson which I needed the most.

Without choosing to bravely step into married life with him, it might have been decades before I began embracing love's latest "take it or leave it" lesson for me. Love isn't about seeking escape routes and remaining safe; it's about choosing to love even more deeply because there is no other way.

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A winter Dallas wedding in review

Rather than write out a long, wordy blog, I've created a gallery of photos to scroll through. If you're interested in any of the vendors' contact information (and a super brief synopsis for why we chose to work with them), scroll past the gallery. 

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Wedding words, vows and a marriage blessing

When I asked Lee what made him fall in love with me, he said he couldn't pin point just one thing -- he just knew a "feeling" he'd been searching for, and around me, he felt it for the first time. The same could be said for our wedding day. It was a day where we both wanted a certain feeling, which meant it needed to be low stimulation (neutral palette), warm (lit birch trees, eucalyptus garlands, white peonies, candles and soft lighting) and joyful (hello, pre- and post-ceremony bars!).

The words that went into our wedding day contributed a lot to this feeling we were hoping to find. We knew there was something to be felt with the words and that's what this blog is documenting, mostly for my own sake but perhaps for some other wordsy folks, too.

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