Do we need the resurrection to follow Jesus?

Today Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Believing in the resurrection is arguably the tallest order of professing the Christian faith.

Growing up, I believed in the resurrection like I knew the sky was blue: as if it was something I had seen with my own two eyes.

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How a non-dieter deals with a down day

I bought bigger jeans this weekend, and I nearly had a panic attack. It’s been two years, three months and maybe four-ish days since I stopped dieting, and most of the time everything's pretty great. But then there are down days. And they’re usually the result of every single piece of my orderly life going to complete shit.

In years past when this would happen, I’d blame my body for everything that’s going wrong

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Lost in the wilderness of good-natured writing prompts

I once had a friend talk about mathematics the way some people speak of a lover.

It’s so linear, so logical, so familiar—what couldn’t possibly make sense about math?

There is no answer for this question, except, “I’m just better at writing.”

The first poem I ever wrote was about a sick boy in church. It was a prayer, asking God to heal him. I think I was 6, maybe 7 years old at the time. For my whole life, writing was a hidden, private place. Writing felt more like family than my own parents and brother. If I yearned to understand something or to feel understood, writing was there.

Somewhere in my late 20s, while in the midst of writing and editing for authors, small businesses and coaches, something inside me changed. Suddenly I was ready. I told the universe boldly—here’s my writing, it’s time to soar! But I was met with a harsh reality: for all my writing and editing everybody else’s work, I had very little experience with sharing my own.

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Interested in mindfulness awareness meditation? Let's talk!

It's all the buzz lately ... mindfulness awareness meditation. Well, before it was "cool," I began incorporating mindfulness awareness meditation into my daily life (slowly, very slowly). And this week I officially became certified to teach others the same technique. Read on to learn more and to read about a special offer to new folks interested in learning about meditation.

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Step 7: Create a book proposal template and customize for each publisher

The final step is an important one, even if you think self-publishing may be the path for you. The items and research that must go into a good book proposal directly correlate to your ability to market and sell your book. A book proposal gives every author the opportunity to critically analyze what sets his or her book apart. For the sake of simplicity, this final step is written under the assumption that you’re going to submit to a traditional publisher.

The book proposal outline I recommend below can really help you be ready for the different aspects of submitting your manuscript. Every publisher will have exact specifications for their submissions, so it’s important to double check that you follow those requirements as carefully as possible. The items below are the substantive portions you should have on hand and ready to drop into a proposal at any moment.

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