Another bouquet and hope to carry on

On a good day, I walk outside and greet the world with a smile and a cautious dose of optimism.

I'm at my best when I have a bouquet of flowers nearby. Instead of hurrying through the day to be things like important and smart and ambitious, flowers invite me to linger. With one breath in, I am saying thank you and with one breath out I awaken to my world brighter and more open. The smell of flowers has always had a powerful effect on me. They are comforting, encouraging; they remind me to be awake, to notice the little things and to let a bee pollinate me every now and then.

Flowers are much like a barometer for how I'm feeling about life. 

Perhaps the scariest feeling of all is when I see a bouquet of flowers, and I can't smell or feel a thing. Some days there is no aroma. I can't decipher the difference between red and pink, flower bud or leaf blade. Everything looks right as it should be, but I am not OK.

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Meditation basics and the 3 things that matter

Last week I talked about meditation and how it's helped me relate to my journey as a writer in a different way.

As someone with a Christian background, when I was first introduced to meditation, it felt like I was swimming in a sea of information without a way to clearly understand how meditation related to the world around me. I wanted to know if some types of meditation were better than others; were some "scary" while others were "normal"; and does everyone have to sit on the floor?

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Do we need the resurrection to follow Jesus?

Today Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Believing in the resurrection is arguably the tallest order of professing the Christian faith.

Growing up, I believed in the resurrection like I knew the sky was blue: as if it was something I had seen with my own two eyes.

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How a non-dieter deals with a down day

I bought bigger jeans this weekend, and I nearly had a panic attack. It’s been two years, three months and maybe four-ish days since I stopped dieting, and most of the time everything's pretty great. But then there are down days. And they’re usually the result of every single piece of my orderly life going to complete shit.

In years past when this would happen, I’d blame my body for everything that’s going wrong

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