"Carry the Dharma" -- an online space for survivors of spiritual abuse

Starting in July, I'd like to offer a space for people to gather online and explore spiritual abuse through the path of meditation. If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to reach out to me through the comments below and I can share more about the group (and the password to the sign up page).

Each meet-up will consist of:

~ 10 minutes of sharing about a topic that relates to healing/moving on from spiritual abuse

5 minutes of guided Shamatha (breath awareness) meditation

15 minutes of Q&A

Here are a few topics that I've been tossing around. If you have any ideas for future topics, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

  1. Intro to meditation instruction, why we're here and discussing: "How do we 'work with' spiritual betrayal?"
  2. "After experiencing spiritual abuse, how do we work with concepts like 'faith' and 'belief'?"
  3. "How do we work with trusting ourselves again?"
  4. "Who am I after spiritual abuse?" 
  5. "Is my body good?" (guest speaker)
  6. "What do I tell my children about God in light of spiritual abuse? Talk about spiritual topics?" (guest speaker)
  7. "How do I find practical help after spiritual abuse?" (guest speaker)
  8. "How do we relate with dying and uncertainty after spiritual abuse?" (guest speaker)