Analysis: editor in crisis

Chances are good if you’re reading this blog, you know me as an editor. Some of you know I’m above average on a good day and decent even when I’m running a fever.

This isn’t something I’m necessarily proud of.

When I was young, my idea of fun was tidying up. Rearrange this shelf, straighten these books in a row, organize crayons in the box according to matching color hues.

I could edit my mother’s grammar by the age of 9 (much to her chagrin — sorry, Mom).

In general, I have always known how things could be made just so.

And I’ve decided that this blog is where I’ll tell you something about being a good editor.

The first order of business is knowing a style guide. It makes you a faster, more reliable editor and creates room to fact check the big things that matter when you’re on a particularly tight deadline.

A good editor knows, for example, precisely how the heartless bastards at the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide have decided all journalists should present information.

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Remembering how to create: the first four weeks in the Artist's Way

There's something about wedding planning that's all-consuming. I really thought with all my years of project management suavamente that wedding coordinating, nine months to plan and an ample budget would be enough for me to keep wedding planning in a nice, neat package. Organized, safe, unmessy, low anxiety, clear-minded. Much to my chagrin I ricocheted away from that illusion real fast. I knew after the wedding and honeymoon bliss subsided that a quiet, deathly calm would come to my life. And deathly calm makes me free fall if I have nothing to hold onto. 

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Becoming a storyteller

Looking back now, it seems to me there are a lot of ways to go about becoming a storyteller, but I think it includes figuring out a few things, mainly: (1) what story you've been living, (2) what story you've been telling and (3) what story you want to come next. This series is my attempt at telling parts 1 and 2 in tandem. 

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