The mind and its many containers: relating with everything around you as a writer

Imagine a room filled with people who have gathered for a dinner benefit. The room is aglow with soft lights, and music from a small orchestra can be heard playing from a far corner of the ballroom. There are tables arranged with crisp linens, polished silver and baskets filled with warm, freshly baked bread. Everyone is gathered for what will surely be a wonderful, memorable, inspiring night.

Now imagine just as everyone is circling the room to find a place to sit down, that a large, barreling elephant barges through the ballroom doors.

People instantly begin running for safety, maybe tables start flipping over left and right, champagne glasses begin shattering as the elephant swings its trunk from side to side. What had begun as a joyful gathering of people has suddenly turned into quite the circus of destruction.

I've been told this is how the mind works.

We all have this roaming elephant that comes barging in when we least expect it. It behaves in ways that make no sense (most of the time). Somehow this pesky, bulky elephant can take a serene moment and turn you, an entire day, week, month, or year on its side. The elephant leaves us asking questions like, "How did I get here?" or "What could have possibly gone wrong?" 

The practice of mindfulness awareness meditation helps us learn how to relate with this roaming elephant. Meditation invites us to explore the nature of our true mind, to discover whether this elephant exists in each of us, and if so, what are its shapes, sizes and habits. It also invites us to consider an absurd notion: that we are not at the mercy of this elephant.

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Interested in mindfulness awareness meditation? Let's talk!

It's all the buzz lately ... mindfulness awareness meditation. Well, before it was "cool," I began incorporating mindfulness awareness meditation into my daily life (slowly, very slowly). And this week I officially became certified to teach others the same technique. Read on to learn more and to read about a special offer to new folks interested in learning about meditation.

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It's fine: how I resist fluffing the pillows of my life

At the age of 19, there were a lot of things that came flooding to the surface. Fast forward to age 32 and I've got a working theory on people:

there are friends who fluff their pillows and there are those who don't

Some people can let you into their inner circle in a healthful way, while others stay back. Some run in circles with themselves, which makes it really hard to figure out what's ever going on. I'm somewhere in the middle -- I'm a pillow fluffer in remission with occasional flair ups.

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