After spending my 20s writing and editing everyone else's stuff, I'm giving my work the best of my attention.

This means my days are spent painting, writing, kissing my husband, cooking, walking our dogs and finding ways to help people connect with their inner wisdom.

I launched a Youtube channel, Sit Here Now, this year and am busy figuring out how to share from my own experiences with anxiety, child loss, PTSD and more, while keeping meditation as the primary vehicle for individual discovery.

I'm a spiritual seeker at heart and am open to learning from all faith traditions while exploring Buddhism, Christianity and whatever else comes across my path.

I live in Denver with my wonderfully supportive husband Lee and our labrador-pyrenees pups, Georgia and Cedar.

Mini CV

MIC 2 Certificate Amanda Bray (2).png

2014 - present

writer; marketing advisor; editor at large; certified meditation instructor (2017)

2007 - 2014

Editor; writer on topics including, architecture, interior design, human factors engineering, global immigration, content marketing and inbound marketing. Content manager and team builder.