Why Should I Want to Come Back?

Inevitably, without my trying, people come across my path who end up being scorched to the ground, into a heap of figurative and literal ashes, and the Evangelical Christian church is almost always among the perpetrators.

That silence ends today.

I have spent more than 15 years mending myself from the torment of the Evangelical Christian church in America. I have not been the person who saw the torment and abuse from afar—I’ve taken the blows to my face and held the weeping in my lap.

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The quietest days of my life

There’s a series of steps the hospital takes when preparing to surgically remove a stillborn baby. I learned there’s a delicate dance to protect the mother’s body from unnecessary scarring while also slowly preparing the body to a place for surgery.

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Art for our girl

When I first began planning our baby’s nursery, I thought about the watercolor prints in books I read growing up. I remembered how one scene with a garden and a little girl surrounded by animals and trees could transport me to a brand new world in my imagination.

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Goodbye too soon

After an overnight stay in the hospital, Lee and I said goodbye to our little girl this afternoon. She was just shy of 6 months gestational age. This pregnancy was filled with complications but we always held hope that we could pull through to a healthy delivery.

Our hearts are broken.

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