Anywhere but here

I want to be anywhere but here

Take me to Fiji, Beirut, Hong Kong, Maui

Give me diamonds, furs and private jets

Find me a job that never wears me out

A restaurant that never asks me to pay

And a yard that blooms all year round


Anywhere but here, I say

Anywhere but in the muddy streets of real life

With looming reality, unrelenting struggles

Take me somewhere that can be fixed with a limerick or holy verse

In an instant my heart and mind

Tricked, tossed, turned off--

Let bliss return


Anywhere but here, in the glossy city lights

The whirring sounds of police sirens

My dog whimpering to come play

Anywhere but here, with the warming spring air

And the promise of summer treks through the mountains.


Anywhere but here seems to be the secret when things go dark

I spin madly in circles, clearing shelves with fists resenting what comes next in the unknown

And I cry, I sleep for days, my head aches, my stomach empties

It is then that I remember there is nowhere else but right here

And it may not be fine, but it will be here.