Art for our girl


When I first began planning our baby’s nursery, I thought about the watercolor prints in books I read growing up. I remembered how one scene with a garden and a little girl surrounded by animals and trees could transport me to a brand new world in my imagination. I swam, I explored, I made friends through the art that was around me. I used this as the inspiration for our baby girl’s “cove.” I bought pieces from artists I’ve been following on Instagram for a while. And I was so looking forward to teaching our girl how to get lost in art and story.

In the week since we said goodbye to our girl, all of the art has arrived in various packages. Most of it is much too heartbreaking to keep out and has been lovingly wrapped into a box for a baby we hope to bring home one day.

But this piece I want near me. It’s on the wall between our two closet doors, and it makes me feel like we’re still keeping her safe.

I initially purchased this piece because I wanted my girl to imagine growing up to be strong, free spirited and at home among the wildflowers. I wanted her to see it and feel close to me and to her aunties who also love flowers and beauty and nature. Now, it serves a different purpose.

It reminds me that even though she’s not in my arms, she’s in my heart, somewhere beyond the rainbows. I like to imagine her laughing and picking flowers that I hope I’ll get to see one day. In the meantime, I have this art to carry me away, to remember how much joy she brought me and her Papa in six short months and the hope and love we still have.