Be here now

I was her and she was me.

Smile for the camera.

Say thank you for the gift.

Say thank you for the food.

Say thank you for the clothes.

Say thank you for the bed.

Why aren't you thankful?

Who taught you to be like this?

Why aren't you happy?

Don't you look nice for the camera?

Be happier.

Be nicer.

Be better.

Be stronger.

But not too strong.

Don't cry.

Don't run.

Don't crawl.

Don't sweat.

Don't blink too much.

Don't give too much to a world that's constantly pushing you to be what it needs most

in a moment 

so fleeting 

so short 

so unobtainable 

that by the time you get to what they wanted you to do, 

they're already on a second page of demands for tomorrow.

Rather than do's and don't and shoulds and coulds and woulds and wants and won'ts

be here now

as you.

Be here now with me.

Being here now gives you freedom to run away

to stay

to flee

to frown

to smile

to cry

to struggle

to wonder

to rest in peace.

Be here now so others may do the same.