Interested in mindfulness awareness meditation?

It's all the buzz lately ... mindfulness awareness meditation. Well, before it was "cool," I began incorporating mindfulness awareness meditation into my daily life (slowly, very slowly). And this week I officially became certified to teach others the same technique. I've written a handful of blogs about how I first discovered meditation, some of the questions I had when I first began meditating and how mindfulness awareness has interacted with my everyday life

Right now, I'm looking to practice with people who are new to meditation, so for the first 50 total sessions I'm offering a discount through my online appointment scheduler. Please sign up if you're interested in learning more! (Or keep reading if you have questions.)

Brief FAQ

What's mindfulness awareness?

The technique I'm trained in draws on an ancient Buddhist breath-awareness practice. It's all about focusing on the breath and gently letting go of thoughts as they arise. There are no belief systems attached to the practice, which was really important to me when I first started out. So if you have any questions about how your faith might be impacted by meditation, don't hesitate to reach out -- I've done a lot of digging and would love to share resources that helped me.

How do I learn about meditation?

There are a lot of amazing resources online, so you can definitely start learning about meditation by reading this book or this book. You can also check out my teacher's website as well. Or you could join my youtube channel, Sit Here Now, which would also be very lovely.