what Love has been

I expected Love to be cordial, polite, well mannered.

It's been none of those things.

Mostly, Love has been an asshole.

It does not follow directions. It does not stay put. It only asks for permission to enter -- once.

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Celebrating love this Valentine's Day

My adult life wasn't void of love, but it was void of daily companionship. It was missing the date to every office party or holiday shindig. It was missing a strong shoulder to cry on (though my friends did and still do an excellent job of listening to my woes). 

Because I knew my well-intentioned coupled friends didn't "get it," I began asking them to not belittle the holiday.

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Discovering true love in 2015

I began this year determined -- more so than usual. Instead of sheepishly hoping I'd meet a romantic partner, I began doing things to make this a reality. For starters, I bought a couch so we'd have a place to sit if he ever came over for dinner (affectionately named "the boyfriend couch").

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