Upcoming series: 7 steps to writing a publishing-ready book

Starting in a couple weeks, I'm launching a blog series that will explore seven steps to writing a book that’s ready to be published. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your book WILL be published, but these are my best possible points of advice if you’ve ever wanted to write a book that could actually have a chance. During this series, I'll cover topics such as:

  • Making sure you're writing to the right audience (and how to find an audience)

  • Analyzing successful authors without becoming depressed

  • When organization and structure matter (and when they don't)

  • Finding a publishing path that works for you

  • Writing a book that lives up to your book proposal

This series is my first attempt to combine a LOT of my previous work into digestable steps. It's also the product of getting super tired of reading glib, unhelpful, "reach for the stars" advice about writing and publishing. This series will hopefully blend one-part practical, one-part inspirational, one-part discernment. I want writers to be able to tap into wise, discerning advice and press it against their own hearts. Formulas don't work, but I think good counsel can take people pretty far. I hope you'll sign up (at the bottom of the page).

About the author


If you're new to my blog and wondering if I know what I'm talking about, not to worry. I'm an in-the-trenches sort of gal and bring eight years in publishing, combined with twelve years of writing and editing experience, married splendidly with four years in online marketing. It's been an interesting ride, to say the least.

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