what Love has been

I expected Love to be cordial, polite, well mannered.

It's been none of those things.

Mostly, Love has been an asshole.

It does not follow directions. It does not stay put. It only asks for permission to enter -- once.

That's all it takes before Love starts ruining your life and saving your soul.

Love takes what merely appears reliable and starts teaching lessons -- one wall at a time.

It is no respecter of persons. It does not care what you'd like to keep out or keep in.

Love isn't scared to see you cry.

Don't be surprised if Love shows up and shows you who's boss. (Hint: It's not you.)

There will likely be moments when you wish you'd never answered the Knock at the door.

If you try hard enough, you might get Love to leave you alone eventually. The trouble is -- being mended is why we're here. And even in fitful rages, of wishing you were Invisible and not Lovable, you'll want Love to prove its point. You'll beg Love to make sense so you can rationally make a space for it.

But that's not how Love works. Love is bossy and very comfortable in Her own shoes.

This is an all or nothing kind of Gal, who definitely knows how to put up a fight for the right reasons.

So don't expect Love to be genteel or orderly like I did.

The good things in life have a way of wrecking what we imagine is real and making room for what actually is.