Published Authors


Joyful Relationships

When Brenda and I met in summer 2016, she'd already been working on her book for a few years. Like most budding authors, she let life keep her from publishing a book she just knew needed to be written. Together, we designed a plan to bolster her life-coaching business by providing insights into the six primary relationships that most impact her clients and society at large. What resulted was a small but mighty book, giving readers an open invitation to consider which relationship(s) in their life might need restoration. 

Published Nov. 2016. My publishing team is responsible for editorial direction, copywriting, design, distribution setup and ongoing marketing strategies.



Gordon and Mark are both published authors with an established readership when they were referred to me about their upcoming book. Together, they reimagined the story of Scrooge and intertwined it with the story of generosity as found in the Christian gospel narrative. Both pastors with prolific speaking and counseling calendars, the MacDonalds were looking to self-publish as a means to growing their reach without traditional publishing constraints.

Published Nov. 2015. My publishing team is responsible for editorial direction, copywriting, design, distribution setup and marketing consulting.


Through the Needle

Thanks to LinkedIn suggesting me as a contact, John (a friend from my childhood church) connected with me and his co-author about a research paper they'd written while getting MBAs at Harvard. While in a class on religion and finance, John and Greg's published research had taken on a life of its own, and the two came to me asking for guidance about publishing vs self-publishing. Ultimately, they decided to self-publish and were soon picked up by Rose Publishing, a niche Christian publishing group. (Their book for sale on Amazon is titled, "God and Money.")