Have you ever wanted to write a book, but didn't know where to start?

Created as one-part inspiration, one-part practical application, this 40-page digital guide looks at stepping stones every aspiring author should take as well as key ingredients for getting published, including: 

  • What it takes to unearth the bestseller that’s already living inside you
  • How marketing agencies and larger brands use a persona to build and create products, design marketing campaigns and more—and then draw insights into how an audience persona can work for your book
  • The costs (both monetary and intrinsic) to traditional and self-publishing paths.
  • The importance of identifying best-selling books that cover a topic similar to yours and how to lovingly compare them to what you’ve written
  • How to identify what sets your book apart
  • Why and how to research publishers in order see if they are the type of publisher that would work best for you
  • How to ensure your book proposal includes the must-have items that make it persuasive and convincing

Includes two free templates (a Marketing Persona for Authors and an editorial calendar)

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