Branding guidelines sheet for the wedding.
 Branding guidelines sheet for the wedding.
 Branding guidelines sheet for the wedding included recommended typeface combinations.
 The invitation was simple, one-sided and didn't require extra shipping fees.
 When people walked into the hall for the ceremony, they were greeted by this table with a poster-sized Order of Events, some flowers and a picture from our engagement shoot.
 Guests were then greeted by a family and remembrance table, in which we shared pictures of our parents' and grandparents' wedding/courtship days.
 Before entering the ceremony hall, there was an open bar for guests.
 Despite how the (necessary) camera flash might make this look, this room was aglow with a quiet peacefulness I never could have imagined.
 We kept things simple with floating candles flanking both sides the aisle.
 Our venue had an altar available to use, so we spruced it up with floating candles and garland. Again, the room was so much more softly lit than this picture can show.
 After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour and a poster-sized bar menu.
 Our venue was on the 69th floor of a building in downtown Dallas, so we only had five of these high boy tables set up around the windows.
 Each table in the cocktail reception had a small floral arrangement.
 Before going into the banquet hall for dinner, guests grabbed their name cards.
 Family style tables flanked both sides of the dance floor.
 The tables were decorated down the center with garland and mercury glass votives.
 In addition to the mercury glass votives and garland, I had printed out favorite quotes and song lyrics to be interspersed along the tables.
 We opted for a sweetheart table, which is probably why we were able to actually eat at our own wedding. 
 Our cakes were simple and delicious -- and gluten free. 
 A miracle occurred in December -- there were peonies in bloom and added (as a wonderful surprise) to my bouquet. 
 The venue didn't have the best lighting, and I'm so glad I planned "first look" and wedding party photos at a nearby park outside. 
 My cousins live in Michigan where vintage furs are easy to come by, and thank goodness for that. The weather dropped 30 degrees in Dallas for our wedding weekend.
 Sharing this photo for a side view of my dress.
 We were really so happy with how everything turned out. 
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