What My Clients Say

Content / Story Development

I trust Amanda to capture my thinking and my voice. Her process is unique. At times it doesn't seem logical, but it delivers every time. I highly recommend Amanda for any writing project you have. - Barry Engelman, Executive Coach, Building Champions

“When Amanda joined the team, our process for creating content was fragmented at best. We were creating multiple dozens of blog articles for our clients and our own website each month. Amanda was able to jump in and build out a system that has been running smoothly for quite some time now. She has done a fantastic job maintaining the quality of content we create for our clients even as quantity increased.” - Spencer Powell, President, Builder Funnel

Amanda knows how to get work done and done right. She’s a “big picture” person who enjoys creative-yet-complicated projects that challenge her and her team. She asks the right questions and, perhaps more importantly, isn’t afraid to ask them, which results in clear direction throughout all aspects of any job. I’ve worked with her on a number of different projects and while she has clear ideas and remains involved in all aspects of a job, I’ve never felt micro-managed by her — she just implicitly trusts the people she works with, and that’s because she’s vetted them properly and knows their skill sets well. Whether you’re a creative looking to join a solid and collaborative team, or a business owner looking for that perfect person to get the job done well, I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough. - Kris Scott, Editor/Writer/Designer

If you are like me, not all that hip into social media but still understand the importance of it in business, you will appreciate Amanda Hinton to make you relevant, interesting, and professional on LinkedIn! Amanda asked incredible questions to better understand who I am, what I do, and the sort of people I love to serve. She was able to help myself and my colleagues at Building Champions really put our story out in LinkedIn as well as make our blog posts much better. I cannot recommend Amanda enough, she is top notch! - Greg Harkavy, Executive Coach, Building Champions

Self Publishing

My coauthor and I connected with Amanda at just the right time. We needed help turning our draft manuscript into a beautiful, conference-ready book, and we had a short (read: ridiculous) timeline to get it done. She exceeded our expectations, pulling together a top-notch team and working very hard to ensure we received an excellent product! As our professional relationship grew, we found that Amanda's input was valuable for more than our book project, and ended up relying on her for helping to manage the sum total of our online presence. She has a sense for how to integrate a client's true professional identity into their LinkedIn profile, resume, web sites, and written works. I'd recommend her for anyone needing a holistic understanding of how these various tools can complement and build on themselves. - John Cortines, COO, Generous Giving

Amanda was instrumental to the development and publication of our book, Through the Needle. My coauthor and I needed to create a pre-release version of the book on an insanely short timeline. Amanda exceeded our expectations across both content development and process management workstreams. She served as the "general contractor" for our book, procuring and managing all necessary services to create the pre-release version (e.g., cover design, interior design, marketing material development, etc.). At the same time, she provided critical editorial feedback on our content, making significant improvements to our manuscript. I can say with certainty that not only would our book not be as good, but it would not have even been printed without Amanda's counsel and support. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to push their manuscript to the next level - whether that be self-publishing, pre-release development, or pursuing traditional publishing. - Greg Baumer, Chief Growth Officer, naviHealth

Marketing Consulting

Amanda is a breath of fresh air. She is a multi-talented, "go-to" person for marketing, publishing, and business coaching. Possessing ethical discernment and a superb style, Amanda is an innovative and savvy businesswoman. She quickly assesses client input and provides accurate and helpful insights. Truly a great resource for independent professionals and businesses. - Katharine Salem, Co-Founder, Luminary Global Immigration

Last year the small nonprofit organization I work for (Compassion Connect) used Amanda as a consultant on several key communications projects. She helped us craft audience personas and automated emails, gave us an extremely useful crash course on Google Analytics, and more. Apart from the very specific deliverables she provided, on a personal level Amanda was wonderful to work with, taking the time to get to know our organization and express an interest in our work. While tackling new initiatives can sometimes be overwhelming for small nonprofit staff, she made her suggestions palatable for where we were at, and she respected our current branding & messaging structure while also challenging us to stretch in new areas. Would definitely recommend her to others for a great all-around experience! - Anna Johnson, Direct of Communications, Compassion Connect