Have a manuscript?

We can work on it together!

My team and I specialize in:

  • Manuscript coaching (editing for messaging and structure)
  • Publishing advisement
  • Copyediting (editing for tone and cadence)
  • Copywriting (writing copy for marketing summaries or book jackets)
  • Interior and book cover design

Have questions?

There are two main ways I can offer help to aspiring authors: 

  • Schedule a one-on-one session. I offer 30-minute and one-hour meetings over video chat. My rate right now is $100 per hour session and the sessions are facilitated in an Ask Me Anything format.
  • Check out my latest digital resource bundle, 7 Steps to a Publishing Ready Book, a 40-page resource filled with answers to the most common publishing questions from aspiring authors. Priced for folks who aren't interested yet in one-on-one sessions, it's $35 and includes two free templates. Read more about it here.